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This site is of a adult nature : Please leave if you are under the age of 18 (21 in some other countries)



In the first instance email me or use the contact options below

Email : msmindcraft@gmail.com


Please email me directly or use the contact form for any general questions, there is also the sub questionnaire which provides you with the opportunity to give lots more information about yourself along with activeries you enjoy and the style of the session you would like.


Once I have read over your suggestions and ideas for a session and providing that I consider them appropriate, we can then discuss the session in more detail over the phone and then leading onto finalising the appointment arrangements.















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The contact form

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The sub questionnaire form

Please also e-mail me at msmindcraft@gmail.com to say you have sent the questionnaire form as it can be slightly temperamental at times

Please e-mail me directly at msmindcraft@gmail.com instesd of using the contact form above