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Naturally dominant, strict and demanding, I have vast experience and display a striking confidence and attitude, with a deep understanding of all aspects of domination - BDSM and fantasy role play games, if desired I can be very cruel and push slave's limits or be very strict but very sexy and flirtatious and real tease at the same times. With my vivid imaginations, I can cater for the novice to the more extreme sub, creating sessions that help you live out your ultimate fantasies dreams and desires.


I was also one half of the Dominatrix Duo of which we also ran the Enslaved experience which was a session that lasted days and would possibly start with kidnap scenario, Mistress Mindcraft was also very popular as this was a mind control session were reality and virtual reality are mixed together. Finally, I was the owner and your host at the Fetish Hotel Bristol which was a normal hotel with a dungeon, you arrived as a normal guest but at some point in the night things would take a drastic turn for the worst and you ended up in the dungeon.




Update 23/2/19 - I was busy doing other things in 2018  but I will be doing some sessions in 2019, I will update the website as soon as I am ready to carry out sessions again!




Click the link if you would like to view my old Feish Hotel website http://fetishhotelbristol.com


I do like being dressed sexy normal when I first meet you, like a fitted business skirt suit or a seductive cocktail dress and then moving onto a more Mistress outfit later, for example, leather or latex and I do very much like the retro 50's look, corset/girdle, nylons, heels of which I can wear under my bizz suit or evening dress. Doing straightforward sessions are not for me as I like the scenarios and the more bizarre the better, I like acting the posh tart and I love flirting and being touch - worshiped to start with before becoming the Mistress bitch.


The equipment needed for the domination activities you like I will bring with me and have at the venue ready for when you arrive also please read the site thoroughly before contacting me, there is also a questionnaire you can fill in on the contact page, this is very helpful to me as I get lots of information about you and the session style you enjoy and the activities you like. I hope that all makes sense, if not I will give you my number and I can explain things over the phone.














PLEASE NOTE - I will not be doing any sessions until further notice!

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All the activities described on this website are entirely legal they are all roleplays and fantasy acts between consenting adults and professional Mistresses do not engage in any form of sexual contact with their submissives BDSM activities are not to be confused with prostitution. Any money paid to the Mistresses listed on this website is considered a gift which is then shared equally between them both and is for their time and companionship only whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults. All models on this site were over 18 years of age when photographed and all relevant records are held in compliance with USC2257 and legal or regulatory authorities may use the contact form to request to see the records held in the UK. It is a copyright infringement to copy any text or photos from this website the content within this website is the sole property mistressmindcraft.com


We are a Shemale-Female Duo Domination team, who are both naturally dominant and who very much believe in female supremacy and femdom supremacy over males. Being the superior sex in the relationship, we genuinely relish the power we have over them. We love expressing our dominance in many different ways, such as verbal discipline, bondage, humiliating tasks, servitude and of course sadism. Striking in our appearance while dressing provocatively, we find extremely erotic as it accentuates and expands our superiority.


On the Domination page you will find a list of activities that we enjoy carrying out, there is also mindcraft for those who want to aspire and pursue the ultimate in mind control. We do both relish the slightly more bizarre and unusual fetishes and kinks including any weird roleplays or complex scenarios, thus we can both take on and play many different roles. Being the two of us and having our own venue means there is no limit to what can be achieved, so we invite slaves to write to us with their ideas. Very imaginative and creative subs are very interesting and intriguing to us, so if you have any intriguing fantasies on your mind we would love to connect and assist you in making them become reality.


Having subclinical Dominatrix needs, we find we have to satisfy our sadistic personalities and emotions. We are not afraid of our own kinkyness and perversions and indulging in them with our submissives, as otherwise we would not feel that gratification in our lives. The underlying feelings we experience when having the slave kneeling before us, in awe and admiration of being in the presence of such supreme Goddesses, knowing they would do anything to please their Mistresses, gives us both at times quite intense and explicit pleasure.


Ultimately the BDSM and fetish culture is only really understood by the people who share the same desires and kinks as we all do, we are all on the same pitch, we just bat at different ends. But we fully appreciate your need to serve and worship your Mistress and we will endeavour to fulfil these needs in a session, hence fulfilling ours! We ask that you read through the pages on this website thoroughly and we very much look forward to your proposal, and any suggestions you might have for a session with us.